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Community development

Contractor development:

The use of a local contractor not only holds benefits for the individual, but also serves the local community at large.

Economically active community contractors create jobs and strengthen the work force in communities where they operate. Kouga Plant &Civils’ aim is to transfer skills gained in contracting to people who have not had the opportunity to become contractors.

By supporting these local contractors through mentorship’s, civil work is carried out on time, within budget and to the required quality standards.

Kouga-Plant-Civils-Header-2_Fotor Development

Support that can be offered include:

  • Skills development and mentoring of community contractors;
  • Skills development for maintenance and operating staff, through short courses;
  • Auditing and project management of labour based programmes and projects.
  • Institutional audits on Construction and Maintenance projects.

Kouga Plant & Civils – Staff:

The Company currently employs approximately 25 permanent staff and, depending on the scope of work and area we work, local, casual and skilled staff is appointed on time related contracts.

Kouga Plant &Civils cc ensures to employ people within our local sector, and assist with the employment and job creation projects.

Together with our other companies Pro Glass & Aluminium and Kouga P & C Labour, Kouga Plant &Civils is part of a winning team of companies and employees who assist and complement each other.

Business strategy

Kouga Plant &Civils cc business strategy is to create a safe, affordable and productive environment for the community, clients and workers.

This strategy is underpinned by:

    Developing and maintaining good relationships with clients;
    Open communications;
    Delivery excellence;
    Environmental and safety awareness;
    Developing peoples’ skills and capabilities.

Management Control Elements:

    Leadership and administration;
    Leadership training;
    Emergency preparedness;
    Rules and work permits;
    Knowledge and skills training;
    Hiring and placement;
    Baseline and issue-based risk assessments;
    Behavior-based safety (BBS) policy, structures and training;
    Health and Safety Act knowledge and implementation. 

Sustainable Development:

Kouga Plant & Civils cc is involved in Quality Control of the work and on site Skills Development and training of the Civil and Engineering Personnel. Training and facilitation of the team includes the effective flow of communication towards all parties concerned that a clear idea of what is happening throughout the project is available to all.

Kouga Plant &Civils cc will ensure that all specifications and standards are met throughout any given project.

Quality program:

Kouga Plant &Civils cc strives to continually improve our Quality Management System.

  • Ensuring that the company achieves and maintains world class status in all its operations.
  • Striving to achieve Zero Defect regarding system non-conformances and client complaints.
  • Obtaining repeat business from existing clients and securing work from new clients.

Quality culture drivers:

  • Train every employee to render the same level of service to the “internal” clients within the organization as to external clients.
  • Focus on improving individual performance to improve team and company performance
  • Cultivating in every individual and team a sense of pride, ownership and responsibility for every project that is undertaken

Health and safety

Our Company is familiar with the OHS Act and complies with all the necessary requirements.

Our Employees are well Trained, Medically Tested, Inducted and Refreshed on a regular basis to ensure that all rules and regulations are maintained for the Safety of their own Lives and their Co-Workers. All our Employees undergo Training and Induction by our approved in-house Health and Safety Manager to the Standards set to ensure that only competent, qualified and well trained people work on site.


Kouga-Plant-Civils-Header-2_Fotor Development

Kouga Plant &Civils cc will adhere to Health, Safety and Environmental affairs as well as providing industry with Professional Experienced Service at High Production and low Risk.

We would be pleased to supply you with any additional information on our group if so required.

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